Некоммерческая организация «Ассоциация инклюзивных вузов»

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Non-profit corporate organization - "Association of inclusive universities".

The main goal of the Association is to promote the development of inclusive education.

First of all, attention will be focused on the specialized educational programs that are being implemented, the dissemination of the most successful ones, and their further development, ensuring quality education for students with disabilities and those with disabilities.
And, as a result, assistance in their employment at the end of training.
In order to achieve sustainability and stability in the field of inclusive education, we will conduct: expert and analytical research; experimental development, scientific research; participation in improving Federal state educational standards and basic educational programs.
The implementation of educational activities under additional professional programs and additional General education programs will not remain on the sidelines.


Non-profit organization «Association of inclusive universities» contributes to the development and improvement of inclusive education; Participates in the improvement of Federal state educational standards and exemplary basic educational programs.

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